5037 S 24th St, Suite 3
Phoenix, AZ 85040

That’s how we do it son

Absolutely the best brisket in phoenix. I should know as I've tried them all. I stop here every time I'm in the area.
I'll often get the Texas Po'Boy sandwich for lunch. It's a full pound of meat! 1/3 brisket , 1/3 pulled pork, 1/3 smoked sausage. Yummy.. The restaurant is usually busy, especially during lunch time. But the que moves quickly. The staff are friendly, and everything is always clean. Make sure your good and hungry when you try this place..."

Niki V.

"The best part of this place might not even be the stellar bbq. It might be the folks who run it. Great people. Mike is very gracious with his time and bbq. I never miss an opportunity to stop by. I take my bbq seriously and this beats every other place in town."

Chris B.

"We have been blessed by eating here on different occasions, we are NEVER ever disappointed with their brisket...the smoke ring around the brisket is to die for. I like the brisket w/out BBQ sauce...as that is the true testimony of the quality of the brisket for me regarding the taste, moist, tender and melt in your mouth...Naked brisket is better. We luv the cream corn also."

Sheryl M.

"Great bbq! I don't typically enjoy bbq, but I enjoyed the Texas Po boy sandwich I got here. It's a 1 lb sandwich filled with pulled pork, cutter's choice brisket, and link sausage. The meat was very tender and juicy. Meanwhile, the sausage added a nice kick of spice to each bite. The bun was nice a soft. The portion was also huge -- I could only eat half the sandwich. I saved the other half for later, and it was just as good (maybe ever better) later!"

Mary F.

"On our most recent trip to Phoenix, we set of goal of eating at a new BBQ place every day. We avoided our regular haunt (Rudy's) and selected the new places from the best of Yelp and recommendations of local friends. We found some winners and some losers, but Texas BBQ was by far the best of the bunch. The owner was very friendly and helpful, and allowed us to sample several other meats. His young son was clearing tables, and was very polite and fun to chat with about the pit and the business."

Larry M.

"The food itself is probably the best BBQ I've ever eaten to date, and I love BBQ in general. Pulled pork, brisket, and their bbq sauces both sweet and spicy ones are incredible. They deserve the recognition for their A+ flavor in BBQ."

Sal M.